If your carpet is suffering from flood damage, you will need to take quick action. Carpet cleaning after a flood should be left to professionals as mould can start growing very fast. However, the flood situation first needs to be assessed so that the right dry method can be established. This will depend on the type of water your carpet is damaged by. There are three types of water which can flood your home.

Clean water – From rain or a busted pipe.

Grey water – From appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines, so it may contain contaminants or chemicals.

Black water – From sewage, toilet backflows, or nearby water sources in the event of a hurricane or storm.

Be aware that if your carpet has been flooded with grey or black water then your carpet will need to be removed and disposed of because it could contain dangerous contaminants that could cause serious health risks.

If your carpet has been damaged by clean water from rain or a busted pipe then it’s time to act fast, usually within at least a day of the flood. This is because the longer you leave the water, the higher the chance of mould forming, creating irreversible damage to your flooring.

You should contact a professional carpet cleaning company who has the knowledge and expertise to effectively clean your carpet. They might start with removing your carpet padding. Then, to clean your flooded carpet, they will use a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of the water and replace or dry the padding.

After this, they will deep clean the carpet with a steam or extraction cleaner, and disinfect it. Once the carpet has dried off, they will apply a cleaning solution to the entire carpet.

In need of flood restoration services? If you’ve experienced flooding because of bad weather, burst pipes, bad plumbing, leaking hot-water cylinders, overflowed sinks or baths or any other event, don’t panic! Carpets and critters can help extract the water and get the entire structure dry as soon as possible.

At Carpets & Critters, we understand that, after a flooding incident, the last thing you need is more stress on your plate. That’s why we offer experience, IICRC qualifications and professional equipment to restore your property and possessions and help prevent further damage. Whether it’s a burst pipe in your office building or rainwater in your home, we are here to help. Get in touch with us today.