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Professional carpet cleaning services to provide you with a cleaner, healthier environment

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About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets & Critters removes deep soiling with the hot water extraction method, known to some as steam cleaning. In our extensive experience, this is the most effective method for a cleaner, healthier and fresher smelling carpet on completion of cleaning.

How Often Do I Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?
To keep your carpets free of allergens and dirt, we recommend professional cleaning every 6-12 months.
How Long Until My Carpets Are Dry?
Under normal drying conditions, expect your carpets to be dry within 4-6 Hours.
What Equipment Is Used?
We use the very latest truck-mount carpet cleaning machine as well as low moisture cleaning options.

Why Choose Carpets & Critters For Your Carpet Cleaning?

At Carpets & Critters, our customers receive professional, reliable and cost-effective carpet cleaning services. You can feel confident that our work will be completed to the highest industry standards and handled with the utmost professionalism at all times. Servicing both residential and commercial clients, you can rely on our skills, equipment and experience.


Why Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Even carpets that undergo the most vigorous, organised vacuuming and cleaning routine needs scheduled professional carpet cleaning. This is why:

  • Only professional carpet cleaning equipment penetrates deep into the fibres of the carpet, pulling up dirt and bacteria that simply can’t be reached otherwise
  • Removes dust mites, pollen and other allergens that contribute to hayfever, asthma and other respiratory problems
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your carpet, no matter how high traffic the area
  • Improves carpet appearance by removing stains and dirt
  • Deep cleaning lightens the load when it comes to routine maintenance.

To ensure you carpets are cleaned to the highest standards at Carpets & Critters we follow a seven-step carpet cleaning process depending on your individual needs.

1- Pre-inspection

A pre-inspection is carried out on the same day your carpet is cleaned. Your carpet will be assessed for wear and tear, damage, existing stains and odor issues. We are also able to identify the fiber type to ensure the best possible clean.

2- Commercial-grade pre-vacuum

Your carpet is vacuumed with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to ensure we have a clean slate to work from. Any dry soiling, dust mites and allergens are removed.

3- Stain pre-treatment

Any stains that were identified during the inspection are pre-treated using special products.

4- Pre-spray

The correct type of pre-spray product is selected depending on the level of soiling, type of carpet fiber and existing staining. All pre-sprays are completely safe for your entire family, including pets, and are specially imported from America.

5- Pre-clean agitation

A special counter-rotating brush (CRB) is carefully used to work the pre-spray deep into the carpet fibers. This process assists in releasing embedded soiling and pet hair from deep within the carpet.

6- Hot water extraction

Your carpet is rinsed using superior heat and pressure from our petrol-powered truck-mounted system. This leaves your carpet fresh, clean and free from residue. Our own hot water is used, not yours. Thanks to the tri-lobe blower suction system on our powerful truck-mounted unit we can offer fast drying times.

7- Grooming

Your carpet can then be groomed. This step can also help with dry times and is carried out upon the customer’s request.
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