About Our Pest Management Services

Carpets & Critters can effectively eliminate infestations of flies, ants, fleas, wasps, spiders, carpet moths, beetles, rats, mice and any other unwelcome visitors with our professional pest control in the Bay of Plenty. In addition to abolishing existing pest problems, we also provide our clients with a complete pest control solution to keep them out forever.

Are You Qualified?
Carpets & Critters’ owner/operator, Tony Hatton, is a fully licensed pest control technician with an Approved Handler Certificate and is NZ Certified in Level 3 Urban Pest Management.
Do Pests Really Cause Damage?
Pest infestations can cause harm to your health and hygiene as well as damage your property and possessions.
Are You Insured?
Yes! Carpets & Critters’ owner/operator, Tony Hatton, has full public liability insurance.
Commercial Operations?
For Commercial operations, we can complete a Pest Risk Assessment, Management plan and maintenance programme with the option of progress reviews .

Why Choose Carpets & Critters For Your Pest Management?

You can rely on Carpets & Critters to provide effective pest management solutions backed up by the appropriate experience, licences, qualifications and insurance. Whether you have an infestation in a commercial or residential structure, we can get rid of those pests and keep them away for good.

Cockroaches Eat

When Do You Need Professional Pest Management Services?

Not sure if you need pest control? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Droppings
  • Nests (usually found in corners made from scraps found in your home)
  • Chewed or damaged fabric
  • Unexplained grime on surfaces
  • Strange sounds and smells
  • Wood that is visually damaged / unexplained wood shavings and frass
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