Does carpet cleaning ruin carpets? The short answer is no! Of course it doesn’t, but a myth has spread across New Zealand and beyond that carpet cleaning can damage the soft fibres of your carpet, and that if harsh cleaning chemicals are used, your carpet may even start to lose its fibres, becoming unattractive and lifting from the floor.

This simply isn’t true. But, let us explain.

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t what you think

You may consider professional carpet cleaning services to be centred on using harsh chemicals and over-wetting the carpet, but there are many different ways to bring your carpet to a sparkling clean standard, and none need involve harsh products at all.

Hot water extraction – also known as steam cleaning – is one of the most effective methods at lifting dirt and grime from your carpet. It involves a professional truck-mount carpet cleaning machine, and simply uses a mixture of hot water and detergent with a high-pressure nozzle to clean your carpets. The hot temperature of the water penetrates deep into your carpet fibres to lift dirt, allergens and bacteria, and dries within six hours. Quick, effective and harmless!

There’s nothing to fear from a professional carpet cleaning service, because we professionals are at the cutting edge of cleaning. Our skills, equipment and experience avoids any blunders that could damage the perfect finish of your carpet.

How can carpet cleaning benefit you?

In actuality, there are dozens of benefits to professional carpet cleaning that you can’t discount.

Carpet cleaning preserves your indoor environment – carpets can harbour bacteria and mould if left unattended to. In humid or damp spaces, this mould can soon spread, putting your property at risk. Stains and spills are also eliminated, which restores the colour and texture of your carpet! Most importantly, regular carpet cleaning completely lifts dust, dirt, allergens and other nasty particles that ‘filter’ through your carpet’s fibres and become stuck.

A clean carpet therefore equals better air quality in the home, and better health for you and your loved ones. You might find yourself less affected by your allergies after a professional cleaning service, or breathing easier as a whole.

There’s no doubt that, whatever myth has wrongly spread about carpet cleaning, this service brings more benefits than it does drawbacks. Don’t hold back from enjoying beautiful, long-lasting carpets, whether at home or in a commercial space.

At Carpets & Critters, our carpet cleaning services are exceptional, designed to improve the health and happiness of your home. A dirty carpet can harbour allergens and bacteria of all kinds, making you ill over time. Leave the laborious task of cleaning to our dedicated experts, and relax knowing that your carpets are as good as new!

For more information about carpet cleaning with us, contact Carpets & Critters today.