Carpets create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere in the home. That being said, they are extremely absorbent, meaning they can be easily damaged by water. But how do you tell if a carpet has been damaged? Here are 5 handy tips that explain what you should look out for.

1) Sogginess

If you step onto your carpet and feel it squishing beneath your feet like a sponge, then it is likely that your carpet has sustained water damage, and you will need to look at flood restoration for your carpet.

2) Foul Smells

A musty odour that smells rotten or mouldy is typically a sign that your carpet has sustained a degree of flood or water damage.

3) Visible mould

Mildew or mould present on your carpet is a clear sign of sustained water damage. This is also a health hazard, so steps should be immediately taken to undergo flood restoration.

4) Discolouration

Carpets with water damage are going to fade and discolour. If you notice spots in the carpet that are strangely “off” compared to the rest of the carpet, or if the carpet has changed colour completely, this is a clear sign of water damage, especially if you also notice additional spots of mould or mildew.

5) Carpet Wrinkling

A carpet suffering from flood damage will typically wrinkle. This is due to the fact that the water will have probably removed some of the adhesive underneath, so the carpet is no longer fully secured to the floor.

So, there you have it. Listed above are just some of the signs that your carpet has sustained flood damage. It can be frustrating, costly to repair, and even pose a health risk, so it is incredibly important that you are aware of the signs. But the good news is that here at Carpets & Critters, we are able to provide an affordable flood restoration service, ensuring your home stays safe. At price points you simply will not find elsewhere, our friendly and professional team can restore your carpet back to its original state. If you think your carpet has suffered flood damage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.