Unfortunately, floods are a common hazard in New Zealand. After a flood, you should always have your home inspected and the damage assessed as soon as possible. Then you must get carpet repair experts in to sort the flood damage straight away. So, how to choose the right service provider?

When considering a carpet repair service, it’s important to ask if the company offers home visits to assess the condition of the carpet before repairs are started. This way, you can ensure that any necessary repairs are done in the best way possible.

Carpet repairs are a difficult task which is why it is key to locate a reputable carpet repair company that you can trust and rely upon. Make use of online reviews as these can assist you in finding a trustworthy company. Be sure to read them thoroughly to make an informed decision.

When it comes to flooding repairs, you must ask the service provider you are assessing about their warranty and what kind of coverage they can offer you. Some businesses might offer a lifetime warranty, whilst others might only offer limited coverage. With this in mind, ensure that you have a full understanding of the terms and conditions of the warranty before signing up for any services.

Once you have selected a reliable carpet flooding repair service for your home, you can rest in the knowledge that your carpets will soon be back in good condition.

Suffered house flooding in Whakatane? If you’ve experienced flooding because of bad weather, burst pipes, bad plumbing, leaking hot-water cylinders, overflowed sinks or baths, or any other event, don’t panic! Carpets and critters can help extract the water and get the entire structure dry as soon as possible.

At Carpets & Critters, we understand that, after a flooding incident, the last thing you need is more stress on your plate. That’s why we offer experience, IICRC qualifications, and professional equipment to restore your property and possessions and help prevent further damage. Whether it’s a burst pipe in your office building or rainwater in your home, we are here to help. Get in touch with us today.