Carpets receive more direct contact and traffic than any other part of the home. From busy children to dusty shoes to muddy paws, your carpet can experience a lot of wear and tear and see a lot of dirt and grime build-up. Even if you are steadfast in your vacuuming schedule, your carpet may start to look worn and discoloured over time without professional cleaning. Here are some advantages of carpet cleaning services from a professional team like Carpets & Critters.

Overall Appearance Of The Room Is Improved

A carpet that hasn’t had a good, deep clean can look dirty, no matter how much you vacuum, making even the most stylish room look dingey! With professional carpet cleaning, the carpet itself will look great and the room will look its best.

Removes Dirt And Bacteria Entirely

A vacuum can remove surface-level debris, but dirt and bacteria can penetrate the fibres and become embedded. This can deteriorate the carpet, cause odours and even be harmful to those with breathing difficulties like asthma. Professional carpet cleaning removes all of that dirt and bacteria, promoting a healthier home environment.

Gets Rid Of Stains

Professional carpet cleaners know all of the industry tricks to remove just about any stain, no matter how tough. Whether it’s dirt, coffee or pet stains, a reputable carpet cleaner is unlikely to back down from the challenge!

Ensures A Longer Life For Your Carpet

Dirt and debris can accumulate and penetrate deep into the fibres of your carpet over time. The longer they are allowed to sit, the more they deteriorate the fibres of your carpet, causing them to split and break down. Professional carpet cleaning removes that dirt and ensures the longevity of your carpet.


Some carpet cleaning machinery is inefficient and leaves cleaning solution and residue behind, which is no good for your carpet and defeats the purpose! Professional carpet cleaning equipment does a thorough job and leaves no residue behind.

Regular carpet cleaning will not only improve the health and appearance of your home or office but will extend the life of your carpet. You can trust Carpets & Critters to restore and refresh any carpet, whether it’s in your business premises or your home. To get in touch with us or to schedule a service, you can give us a call on 021 434 286 or fill out our quick and convenient contact form.