At Carpets & Critters, we provide flood restoration services, so are well-acquainted with the impact of house flooding in Whakatāne. Our years of expertise allow us to answer the question ‘is it possible to ‘flood-proof’ a home’ with a simple answer: partially! Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely flood-proof a home. Most houses in Whakatāne are made of porous material that easily absorbs water, and the pressure of a flood can be intense and, in some cases, destructive enough to break through doors and windows. Yet, there are some surefire flood-proofing precautions you can easily take, explored below.

Have plenty of sandbags on standby

If you’ve received a flood alert in Whakatāne, it’s important to have plenty of sandbags on standby to protect any gaps in your home, including the spaces between doors and windows. Sandbags can be purchased from any local building supply store, and stem the flow of water into your property.

Invest in quality landscaping outdoors

Water can be uncontrollable, but this doesn’t mean you have to be subject to the whims of the great outdoors. In fact, investing in quality landscaping around your home can protect the interior of your property. Certain plants – like ferns, lily of the valley and cattail – are great at absorbing excessive moisture in the ground! This can stave off the worst of any house flooding in Whakatāne, and at least reduce oncoming damage.

Install higher shelving

When flood water can’t be stopped, and your sandbags can only do so much flood-proofing, it’s recommended that you prepare for the worst by housing all of your valuables, including important documents, on higher shelving. By installing higher shelving, you could also elevate important appliances like a television, microwave or even AC unit, protecting them from the flood and keeping costly valuables intact.

When disaster strikes, and flood damage leaves the interior of your home in dire condition, we at Carpets & Critters are on hand to help. For residents suffering with the effects of house flooding in Whakatāne, don’t hesitate to contact us for 24/7 flood restoration services.